St.Francis Adult Education Centre, Langa, Cape Town

Fashion & Sewing Project

The above project was started in 2000. It’s aim is to provide the community with basic entrepreneurial or employable skills, thereby assisting them in their quest for employment or alternatively helping them set up their own business. Some may even just need the skills in order to, better care for their family’s right where they are. The course has attracted increasing numbers of people anxious to learn.

Approximately thirty (30) adults register for the course each year, which runs two nights a week. These basic sewing skills taught at night are specifically designed at the less advanced. Two groups of Fashion Design learners (beginners and more advanced) are taught on Saturdays, from 10h30 till 17h00.
Every week Hugo Esterhuizen the project co-ordinator, gives 12 hours of intensive quality tuition, to his enthusiastic learners.

The course is modular, and includes pattern drafting and dressmaking. Basic hand and machine sewing techniques are taught that will enable the student to produce professionally made garments. The advanced group, learn how to make tailored clothes, fashion parades as seen in one of the photographs are arranged annualy where the learners have the opportunity to display their hard work.

Some of the learners photographed at an annual fashion display wearing the garments they made.
A Fashion Design Learner poses to show off the outfit she designed & made.
Learning to sew.