St.Francis Adult Education Centre, Langa, Cape Town

Enrichment and Life-skill

Not all people can aspire to tertiary education for a number of reasons such as lack of finance, ability and personal home conditions etc. In a normal home environment where most westerners take for granted, the skills, facilities and general know how most are accustomed to, it is often difficult to visualise a total lack of most of this. Providing disadvantaged learners with, equipment, material and the basic skills is therefore absolutely essential to help them identify their potential skills. This either makes them more employable or aids them in becoming self employed if there is insufficient work in the marketplace. Only in doing so can we normalise the society, reduce poverty and crime and build a brighter future for all.

These practical skills taught are also designed at helping academic learner's better cope with the challenges facing them in their daily lives. To this end the Entrepreneurship, Home Economics, Sewing and Art courses not only provides them with additional subjects toward their Matric certificate but also equips them with practical skills in food preparation, clothing their families, good hygiene and many other skills necessary for daily survival. Family budgets are also influenced by these practical measures.

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Fabric painting
Home Economics
Tourism classes at Kirstenbosch.