St.Francis Adult Education Centre, Langa, Cape Town

Technology Project

Brief Overview
The above project, which represents one of eight learning areas of Curriculum 2005, was started at Francis in 1997. It is a compulsory school subject in all schools up to GETC level, and as an option in ABET levels, and an elective in FET levels. Each year +/- sixty students attend these classes. It’s aim is to develop knowledge, skills and understanding with regard to construction material, textiles, food, graphic communication, structures, systems control and information technology. Essentially it provides basic skills and practical experience in numerous non-academic fields. These skills range from basic woodworking through plastic and Perspex design and small Electro-mechanical projects to fabric work and food preparation.

A further thirty plus educators from other schools in the Peninsula are also trained every year and these educators then return to their respective schools to train their own learners. The course to educators is at the level of Third Year College major and equips its graduates with the ability to teach Technology from grades 1 to 9 as well as ABET levels 1 to 4.

During 2000 the Technology Project received a silver award by the WCED. Andy Miller (above) also received a certificate of excellence for services rendered in the entire region.

Technology project
Khaya Woko using woodglue in his design project.
Learners' completed projects at end of year, displayed for assessment.
Food Display after preperation.