St.Francis Adult Education Centre, Langa, Cape Town

Computer Centre Funding

    Funding Document

  1. We have solidly built and secure structures to house our Training Centre equipment.
  2. We have user friendly classrooms suitable to good learning and practical sessions.
  3. We know, understand and have been able to successfully address the needs of the community since 1989.
  4. We cater for the needs of the poorest in our midst by charging rates that even they can afford.
  5. We complement courses offered by both other schools that operate from the premises.
  6. We have a stable workforce comprising of well-qualified, yet young, capable and dependable tutoring and administrative staff.
  7. We have experience as well as good management and monitoring procedures in place.
  8. We keep accurate electronic records and control over all learners' progress and performance.
  9. Keep accurate records and control of all financial transactions and our books are audited annually.
  10. Some future goals are:
    a) To expand into hardware training & maintenance.
    b) To further develop the DTP services.
    c) To expand our Internet Services into a proper Internet Café.
  11. We believe in the empowerment of people from within the community we serve. Therefore five of the six fulltime staff members are from previously disadvantaged communities which we have already trained and equipped with the necessary skills to move into the next phase of upgrading hardware & software. All staff (admin & tutors) are currently passing through the ICDL (International Computer Drivers License) examinations. Three of them hold national teaching qualifications.
  12. Continuos staff development is a priority for us and is done regularly in order to keep up to date with developments in the IT industry. Some of our staff have been placed on a technical course in repairing PC equipment.

With all the above in place it would be a real shame to put a well respected and supported Centre such as ours into crisis or early retirement because of the ill health of a few computers and the lack of funding to have them replaced !

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Computer learners

Computer learners