St.Francis Adult Education Centre, Langa, Cape Town

General Funding

Why fund us?

  1. All purchases made and money spent is based on good business practices and principles.
  2. We have an active Governing Body that meets regularly.
  3. Accurate records are kept of all financial transactions and our books are audited annually.
  4. In striving for self-sustainability we annually draw up Business Plans and Budgets, implementing and adhering to them as far as realised funding permits.
  5. Previous reports and other supporting documents are available on request for any particular project that may interest you.
  6. We continually train, develop and empower our staff selected from the local community.
  7. We have a good reputation for excellent service with many of the communities, industries and Department of Education in the Cape.

As we are based in the oldest black township in the Cape Peninsula, it stands to reason that the majority of our learners come from this previously disadvantaged community. However, we are not prescriptive in any manner as to who may access our centre, and through the years have met learners needs and desire for improved skills or qualifications from right across the racial, cultural and spiritual spectrum.

The main school programmes are at this stage largely funded by the Western Cape Education Department (The WCED). However, in order to continue offering most of the skill based co urses, which are not directly funded by the WCED and in order to keep them affordable to the poorest in our country; funding is desperately required. (The life skills acquired here are often what makes the difference between food on the tables or hungry tummies).

We hope you have been touched by the generosity of our pioneers, or realised that an enormous need continues to exist among the poorest in the Cape Province. If as a result of this, you or anyone you know wishes, and are able to assist in any way, no matter how small, for a cause other than the specific needs of the projects indicated above, please feel free to make your contributions to:

St Francis Education Trust
Standard Bank Rondebosch
Branch Code: 02-50-09-11
Account No: 071419942

We do not currently have a process in place to determine the needs of individual learners requiring assistance or monitor and check their progress, if they were to be sponsored privately. However, if you know of any deserving learner who is in need of better education and requires financial assistance we would be happy to enrol such a learner and monitor his or her progress on your behalf should you decide to sponsor them. Alternatively any general financial assistance received by our institution will be used as the particular need or priority at the time dictates.

Images from the Centre

Learners doing art.

Drivers Learners Licence
Entrepreneurship classes.