St.Francis Adult Education Centre, Langa, Cape Town

Student Costs
N.B. Fees are subject to change from time to time and need to be verified.

a) A fixed Registration cost for The Basic Adult Literacy (ABET) Levels is currently set at R 75-00. As these learners do not pay an additional subject fee they thus receive all their tuition for the entire year @ R75-00.

b) The minimal Registration cost of R 75-00 per year as above applies for learners who wish to study mainstream schools subjects, with an additional fee of R 50-00 per subject at NQF Levels. The number and choice of subjects per year varies from learner to learner, but the total cost for the entire year seldom exceeds R 250-00.

c) Registration cost for other Practical Skills Courses vary from course to course, but most of them are subject to the minimum fixed rate of R 75-00 per learner. There may or may not be an additional subject charge depending on the course. Interested parties are invited to make direct contact with the centre to verify the cost applicable.

d) There is currently no registration costs for the Computer Literacy course, however, tuition fees currently at R 200-00 are charged per module and may be paid throughout the year at the start of each new module. Learners may take more than one module concurrently and are allowed to carry one module in credit at any given time but all fees must be paid in full by the completion of each module. The total cost of completing all seven modules currently on offer is therefore R 1 400-00. If paid up front in cash a discount may be negotiated.

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Some of the day learners.
ABET learners.