St.Francis Adult Education Centre, Langa, Cape Town

General student info

Supplementary Classes
Some 1300 Matriculation and Grade 11 learners from secondary schools in the larger Cape Town area gather at St. Francis on Saturday mornings for tutorial classes rum by the South African Institute of Race Relations, now known as ASSET (Association for Educational Transformation).

Learner guidance service
Both Day and Night schools put emphasis on learner and career guidance. Lagunya (The Day School) Guidance Officer provides learners with information and advice concerning career choice, further education, bursary schemes and also co-ordinates the issuing of testimonials and year marks.
Similarly, a guidance facility is available to Night School learners and members of the general community, to aid them in career planning and C.V. writing.

The Library is at the intellectual heart of the school and the learners are encouraged to make maximum use of it to improve their research skills and to enrich their learning experience. The library has an extensive reference section and a non-fiction research collection. The fiction section includes publications in Xhosa, English and Afrikaans to help the learner’s language skills. Effort is being invested in improving the library's store of audio-visual resources.

Mindful that many of our learners are required to travel long distances to attend classes, the centre has a take away and a sit-down cafeteria where learners and staff can purchase hot food or spend time relaxing with their friends between classes.

Extra-mural activities
St Francis seeks to offer a rich cultural environment through extra-mural activities run by both the Day and Night Schools as well as encouraging independent entrepreneurs and service providers who wish to help learners and the general community find expression for their creative, leadership and sporting talents. A variety of such enrichment programmes are run from time to time as the need arises.
The staff are encouraged to get involved in various training and learner programmes, activities and workshops that are intended to be both fun and stimulating. Thus improving their leadership skills or simply just another form of character and team building.

A well resourced Library.
Time for a snack at the cafeteria
A fashion parade at the school.
Adult Learners - Trip to Knysna